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Bali 15-16 April 2014 International Symposium on Finance, Poverty and Sustainable Development
Phuket 11-12 Mar 2014 International Conference of Management, Climate Change and Social Science
Phuket 11-12 Mar 2014 International Conference on Sport, Tourism and Event Management
Phuket 11-12 Mar 2014 International Conference on Emerging Technologies, Energy and Policy
BangKok 1-2 Mar 2014 International Symposium of Technology Development, Resources, and Energy
BangKok 1-2 Mar 2014 International Conference on Industry, Agriculture and Social Development
BangKok 21-22 Feb 2014 International Conference of Management, Reliability, Occupational Safety and Health
BangKok 21-22 Feb 2014 Research Congress on Innovation, Energy, and Economics
BangKok 21-22 Feb 2014 International Symposium on Computer Applications, Management and Education
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2012 Impact Factor: 0.15
2013 Impact Factor: 0.27

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The Experiment journal aim to provide researchers, writers, academic professors and students with up-to-date research in a broad range of areas, and to facilitate the global exchange and review of research, ideas and expertise among individuals in the scientific community.

The Experiment The articles in the journal are open access to different users in different countries around the world. Knowledge produced in the journal is meant for all scholars specialized within all disciplines of science and technology. In order to contribute rapidly in the advancement of scientific research, the journal should be accessible for all.


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